The Game-Changing Email Marketing Strategies for 2020 that Every Business Must Follow

You might be doing email marketing for many years to acquire successful and qualified leads for your online business. You design marketing emails and launch the campaigns while monitoring the performance and tweak for the other marketing campaigns. What transformed over time are the email marketing strategies that you execute at each stage of the marketing process. These transformations are attributed to several factors, including:

  • Changed consumer perceptions
  • Alter in subscriber behaviour
  • Technological advancements 
  • Alteration in the laws of specific nations     

These changes don’t happen every month or year. Still, it is smart to amend your existing email marketing strategies to find out the gaps and bridge them efficiently and make your marketing campaigns successful. Below you will come across with top gaming changing email marketing strategies adopted by leading SEO services company in Gurgaon in 2020.

Focus on Being more Kind

The world has been struggling in the pandemic situation due to COVID-19 in the first half of 2020. It has significantly changed the way people do online shopping and respond to text messages, emails, and overall emotions. The open email rates have been lowered, and email skimming is boosted. The pandemic may get over in upcoming months, but the after-effects may prolong beyond 2020. So, businesses that are not sending emails that sound and feel like they are from real humans must start doing so now. Your prospective customers don’t need a brand suggesting a product, but they are looking for solutions to their problems. 

So, instead of selling directly, be kind to your customers. The shopping malls and restaurants are closed for dine-in, but they encourage their consumers for pick-up orders and free delivery. It helps in building trust by mentioning how precautions and safety measures are followed.

Generate Hyper-Personalized and Micro-Segmented Email Marketing Campaigns

Personalization is an effective method for successful email marketing. Since there is a huge amount of information available due to modern technology, the demand for optimal personalization techniques has increased. Marketers are not using the first name as the personalization method now, but they are using the recipients’ demographics to generate customer email content. The sending timings have also been changed and combining dynamic email content with the micro-segmentation criteria to send marketing emails. It enables them to send emails to those groups of customers that are interested in their products and services.

Promote User-Generated Content in Email for Enhanced Engagement

People appreciate it when they are acknowledged or get publicity for something good. So, create emails that appreciate the subscribers, and this will help improvise the user engagement while aiding in understanding the kind of content that works best for them. You may share any kind of user-generated materials like images, posts or videos in email for the following benefits:

  • Influence – 79% of consumers are highly influenced by user-generated content, and by including it in your emails, you can keep subscribers motivated to take action in the way you want.
  • Memorable – People today prefer ignoring all the brand banners and focus more on the content of other people. It becomes easy for subscribers to memorize when other people are there in it. 
  • Trust – Subscribers respond in a better way when another person is involved. The word of mouth marketing grabs attention and encourages higher engagement.     

Add a Persona and Face to your Marketing Emails

People are now immune to flashy email campaigns and ads. They are more inclined towards the brands that interact with them like real people. So, adding a persona or a face to your emails make it looks and sounds less robotic and more human. Plus, adding a face to the email gives the brand a unique identity that can generate emotional bonds with the subscribers, build brand authenticity, and humanize the brand. So, give your emails a personal identity, and it will help you add stories in your email like humans. 

Since we are in the mid of 2020, it is right to rethink and make amendments to your existing email marketing strategies. You may take the help of SEO services in India to revise your existing email marketing campaigns to send better emails in the remaining months of 2020 and beyond.       

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